How Fabletics Brought the Showroom to the Digital Space

It’s no doubt that Fabletics is taking the world by storm. A week rarely goes by when I don’t participate in conversations or overhead conversations in the gym of women complimenting each others Fabletics active wear pieces or asking if it is part of Kate Hudson’s exceptional line. Fabletics found a perfect niche in the market place – active wear was becoming high style and in high demand, but there seemed to be only two offerings: extremely high priced pieces that offered very few options, or poorly crafted pieces that tended to be more fun, but did not hold up well.


Enter Fabletics and the company’s amazing reverse showroom technique!! Fabletics literally brings the showroom to your computer by offering an incredible user experience on their website. Unlike many stores, where people go to “check out” items and then go home (or simultaneously) search for a lower price online – everything Fabletics does is all within its digital showroom. What does that mean for us as customers? It means that when we buy an item from Fabletics, or an outfit, we are able to get the highest quality material because we aren’t paying for all the overhead of physical storefronts and staff. Fabletics has just 12 locations, all in very specific markets that contribute to the company’s success. Another bonus is that when you purchase form Fabletics, you become a member. This allows you to sign up for a monthly outfit that fits your taste and style and it is delivered right to you. Of course, with any good digital brand, returns are free. Fabletics offers the ultimate user experience and it starts at the very beginning with a quiz all about who you are, where you work out and what your style entails. If you haven’t checked out Fabletics you can hop over to the website and take the quick quiz.


From a buyer perspective, I was incredibly impressed at how easy it was to become a member of Fabletics AND that I received such an amazing deal on my very first package. The pieces are of very high quality. The leggings are especially nice, as I would typically pay over $100 for leggings for that quality. A recent review by unsponsored blogger Foodie Stays Fit felt the same. She noted how well made the leggings were and that they held their shape while providing great compression and comfort. I also love the tops – they are very fashion forward and I always receive compliments on the styles.

Black Friday week is still going strong! Shop the sale in stores and online. (Link in bio)

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Kim Dao’s Fun Filled Day of Sushi and Shopping with Friends

Kim Dao is getting ready to go to Harajuku to meet up with her friends. They plan on having a switch party. She’s selling a lot of her clothes because she is moving from Japan soon. As she is recording her video, she is also on Instagram live. She has changed her clothes and is about to head out to the post office to mail off her packages. Afterwards, she takes the train to Harajuku.Learn more :


She sees her friends waiting for her. They stop at Family Mart to get some food. They do a little walking and then stop to get some dessert. They are headed to Stylenanda, but the line is very long. They walk through the small streets because Kim Dao is looking for a vintage Chanel shop that she has been wanting to visit but it is hidden( It’s location is inside of an apartment building and requires a number ticket to enter. Their merchandise is really cheap, but Kim doesn’t want to purchase anything because she wants to save her money. However, her friends are picking up things to buy. Kim Dao tries on some cute shades and ends up buying them. They stop to the outside vending machine and Kim Dao gets something to drink.Learn more :


They run into someone Kim Dao recognizes. Then they stop to take some pictures. Kim Dao picks up some medicine because she feels sick. They have sushi for dinner and play switch. She spends the night over her friends’ house.Learn more :


View her vlog here.