Securus Technologies Helping Officers Maintain Prison Order

In order to maintain a degree of order inside the prison, me and my team of officers need to be able to spot potential trouble and to keep inmates from hurting one another. In extreme cases, prisoners who have extended sentence have no regard for officers either, so if they have the chance, they will try to injure us as well. To maintain peace, we have to work diligently each day to spot potential trouble.


One of the things that we do each day is to listen to the inmates when they are using house phones. The process used to be time consuming and utilized too many officers that could have been doing other things in the jail to keep order. It wasn’t until this year when Securus Technologies was asked to update the system did we realize we had something quite special on our hands.


Securus Technologies is currently working in thousands of different jails all across the country to keep those facilities safe. Thousands of employees at the Dallas-based Securus Technologies are working hard each day to make sure the world is safer for us all. The LBS software allows officers to be able to work inside the prison while the software scans the inmate calls and alerts my team if any type of chatter pertaining to contraband is overheard.


To date, the LBS software has been instrumental in helping my team to clean up violent crimes inside the jail. We discovered one inmate was not only getting drugs in the visitor center, he was selling them in the yard. Another inmate was overheard telling his gang brothers how he was able to use drugs in his cell at night when the lights were out. Each instance we took immediate action to make the prison safer for all that are behind these walls.


Securus Technologies Fills The Gap

Securus Technologies is a company that supplies state-of-the-art communications service to 3,450 correctional institutions, law enforcement agencies, and public safety organizations. Their services connect over 1,200,000 inmates, and their families all over North America and the services offered include phone services, video communications, email, and text messaging.

Various payment plans are offered from pre-payment, a bill as you go plan to the families of inmates, collect calls, and other forms that are convenient and easy to handle for all parties.

Recently, Securus threw out a challenge to its closest competitor, GTL, to have a contest and to have an independent party judge which company had the most satisfactory service to its customers. GTL had been making claims that their services were superior to that of Securus and had also been attempting to mimic some of the services that are offered by Securus. When a rival company spins the facts and makes claims that are far from the truth, you cannot just sit back and let falsehoods continue to be claimed.

Securus feels that in all areas it will be difficult for GTL to measure up to the more modern and efficient infrastructure that will become very apparent immediately by anyone who discovers the superiority that Securus has in its technology and customer service.

Securus has the largest VOIP Corrections calling system in the world, and the newest innovations in software have allowed a seamless delivery system to inmates all over North America and at lower costs that GTL has ever been able to do. In recent surveys conducted by Securus, customers who were formerly with GTL and have switched to Securus, they prefer Securus by a 3 to 1 margin.

As things have turned out, GTL has politely declined to take the challenge, and rightly so, as it was obvious from the start that they were out of their league and could not measure up. Securus is the company of choice for correctional communications between inmates and families.