Julie Zuckerberg Leads the Way in Talent Acquisition

When Julie Zuckerberg was first out of college, she started a job with Hudson. It was based in New York and she felt that it would be a great decision for her to start working there since she was from New York and she had graduated college in New York. It was something that she was comfortable with and something that she worked hard to make sure that she was doing well at. As a lead there, she was able to do a lot of different projects with the company and learn things that she did not know before she started working there.


When she realized that she would be more valuable with a different position and a different company, she moved on to the next opportunity. That was with Citi Global. She felt comfortable there and was able to do a lot for the company similar to what she had done with Hudson. It allowed her the time to be able to learn more and apply many of the things that she was learning to the career that she was setting up for herself. Despite the fact that Julie was slated to move to the next highest position on the ladder, she felt that her talents would be better in a different area.


For that exact reason, she moved on to New York Life Insurance company. There, she was able to learn even more than what she had learned at the other companies and it allowed her to really get prepared for the career that she was going to have. Since she was doing so well with the different options that she had, she hoped to move onto an even better position but she knew that she was not going to be able to do it with New York Life Insurance. Instead, she began to seek out other opportunities.


One of the first that she was enticed by was Deutsche Bank. The bank is where Julie now works as the lead talent acquisition professional and she is an executive. Despite the fact that she jumped around a bit when she was just getting started with her career, she has plans to stay with Deutsche Bank for the remainder of her career. The pay is great and she is fully appreciated by the company so there is no reason to leave.


Another excellent factor about the bank and the way that Zuckerberg is able to do things is that she is able to come up with ideas for new projects. She has launched several different projects and they have all gone smoothly for her. Because of the way that she works and the time that she dedicated to the work that she does, she is a perfect fit for the bank. There are no plans for her job to change in the future and Julie is going to stay with Deutsche Bank for as long as she can so that she can make it a career-fulfillment position for herself.