Hussain Sajwani and his Deep Investment Ties With U.S President Donald Trump

Hussain Sajwani, the famous UAE business tycoon, has recently attracted global media attention. The close ties he holds with the U.S. President, Donald Trump, have put his name on numerous news headlines. Sajwani is the founder and current CEO of DAMAC Properties, a publicly trading Dubai-based company.

Damac properties, which is linked to the Hussain Sajwani family, is the largest real estate company in the Middle East. It owns vast luxury real estate establishments in the Middle East and the United Kingdom. The company is currently estimated to be worth more than $ 300.5 Billion.

DAMAC Properties focuses on the development of luxury homes and hotel apartments in strategic global cities. To date, DAMAC Properties has completed more than 8,890 luxury hotel units and 17,000 luxury homes.

The company has successfully carried out real estate development projects in the main global cities, including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Jeddah, London, Riyadh, Doha, and Beirut. Hussain Sajwani is also associated with investments in securities and equity. Through their company DICO investments Co LLC, they have invested heavily in various global financial and securities markets.

Hussain Sajwani, DAMAC Owner, and Founder is an astute businessman. After graduating from the University of Washington with a business related degree, he landed a job at GASCO Inc. as a contracts manager. This lucrative job was the starting point for a fulfilling career for Hussain. In the year 1982, he founded his catering company at Abu Dhabi. Learn more about Hussein Sajwani:

He later identified opportunities in the blossoming UAE real estate industry and decided to give it a shot. Sajwani established DAMAC in the year 2002 as a move to venture into real estate. DAMAC Properties gives back to the community by supporting various humanitarian projects. In the year 2013, it donated AED 2 million to the UAE Red Cross to fund the clothing of 1 million needy children across the globe.

Hussain’s ties between U.S President Trump and the DAMAC owner date back to the year 2013. Sajwani and Trump worked together in the development of two state- of- the-art golf courses by the Trump Foundation in the UAE.

The development of the Trump International Golf Course that was opened earlier on this year and the Trump Golf course to be opened early 2018 in Dubai is DAMAC properties craftsmanship. Read more:Hussain Sajwani Family | Celeb Family

DAMAC has also had close ties with past American administrations. He is believed to be one of the financial forces behind trump’s election. Trump’s children maintain very close links with the Hussain Sajwani.

Julie Zuckerberg Leads the Way in Talent Acquisition

When Julie Zuckerberg was first out of college, she started a job with Hudson. It was based in New York and she felt that it would be a great decision for her to start working there since she was from New York and she had graduated college in New York. It was something that she was comfortable with and something that she worked hard to make sure that she was doing well at. As a lead there, she was able to do a lot of different projects with the company and learn things that she did not know before she started working there.


When she realized that she would be more valuable with a different position and a different company, she moved on to the next opportunity. That was with Citi Global. She felt comfortable there and was able to do a lot for the company similar to what she had done with Hudson. It allowed her the time to be able to learn more and apply many of the things that she was learning to the career that she was setting up for herself. Despite the fact that Julie was slated to move to the next highest position on the ladder, she felt that her talents would be better in a different area.


For that exact reason, she moved on to New York Life Insurance company. There, she was able to learn even more than what she had learned at the other companies and it allowed her to really get prepared for the career that she was going to have. Since she was doing so well with the different options that she had, she hoped to move onto an even better position but she knew that she was not going to be able to do it with New York Life Insurance. Instead, she began to seek out other opportunities.


One of the first that she was enticed by was Deutsche Bank. The bank is where Julie now works as the lead talent acquisition professional and she is an executive. Despite the fact that she jumped around a bit when she was just getting started with her career, she has plans to stay with Deutsche Bank for the remainder of her career. The pay is great and she is fully appreciated by the company so there is no reason to leave.


Another excellent factor about the bank and the way that Zuckerberg is able to do things is that she is able to come up with ideas for new projects. She has launched several different projects and they have all gone smoothly for her. Because of the way that she works and the time that she dedicated to the work that she does, she is a perfect fit for the bank. There are no plans for her job to change in the future and Julie is going to stay with Deutsche Bank for as long as she can so that she can make it a career-fulfillment position for herself.


Betsy DeVos the Education Reforms Advocate

Betsy DeVos is a great leader in politics, business, and education. She is very vocal in fighting for the removal of barriers put by the government that hinders people from achieving their goals. Betsy has to experience in business leadership and governance issues. She has served as the chairperson for Windquest Group a privately owned firm that her husband inherited from his father. The company offers investment management services to clients in America and other parts of the world. The company is in Michigan, but it has branches in other states.

She has been very active in the political arena for more than 35 years supporting the Republican Party. She has held the post of the Michigan chairperson for the Republican Party an elective position that she has clinched for four times consecutively. As the chairperson, she was responsible for mobilizing resources in the Political Action Committees and planning on the most effective campaign tools to employ to win the elections.

Betsy DeVos today has a particular focus in advocating for educational reforms to ensure that the American education system impacts the lives of children positively. She is Philanthropic and when she was the chair at Windquest a significant amount of money from the company was going towards supporting various community initiatives. Betsy DeVos is very passionate about kids, and she has been helping them grow their talents especially in the field of arts. She has led various community committees as the chairperson among them American Federation for Children and The Philanthropy Roundtable. Betsy received a quality education, and this is why her priority in life is to ensure every kid has an opportunity to receive an education that will shape his/her life. Betsy DeVos graduated from Holland Christian High School. She studied Arts at the Calvin College in Grand Rapids in Michigan. She is wife to Dick DeVos, and they have raised four kids together. Betsy DeVos and her extended family are very philanthropic, and they are in the list of the top givers in America. She has been appointed by President Trump to head the US education department. Trump’s choice was well advised, with her extensive involvement in the education sector Betsy will be in a better position to push for more reforms and ensure that kids acquire quality education. Visit Betsy’s profile on Twitter.

Check her website for more info at

The Litigation Process

Litigation is the general term that is used in describing the proceedings started between two opposing parties to defend or enforce a legal right. Litigation is settled when the two sides come to an agreement. It may also be taken and decided by a judge of the jury in court. Litigation involves any activities prior, during, and after a lawsuit to enforce a legal right. The litigation process is also made up of the pre-suit negotiations, facilitations, arbitrations, and appeals. The process of litigation starts when a party decides to defend or enforce their legal rights formally.

The litigation process starts when a person hires the services of an attorney who will represent his or her interest. The majority of lawyers are involved in different pre-suit litigation activities. Some of these activities include writing a demand letter and filing an eviction notice with a local court. A demand letter is a letter on behalf of the client demanding the other party to compensate the victim for physical or economic injury. The pre-suit litigation may vary because of the circumstances that surround a particular case. The pre-suit litigation involves the agreement between the concerned parties so as to avoid inconvenience and the cost that comes with a formal lawsuit in most cases.

Karl Heideck is an experienced attorney. Karl specializes in compliance practices and risk management. He is based in the area of Greater Philadelphia. Karl has worked in the legal sector for many years. He has become an expert in his field of work. Karl attended the Swarthmore College where he studied English and Literature. He later went on to study at the Tempe University Beasley School of Law where he managed to graduate with honors. Karl Heideck specializes in legal research, civil litigation, commercial litigation, intellectual property law, legal research and writing, mediation, and employment law.

Learn more about Karl Heideck:

Securus Technologies Fills The Gap

Securus Technologies is a company that supplies state-of-the-art communications service to 3,450 correctional institutions, law enforcement agencies, and public safety organizations. Their services connect over 1,200,000 inmates, and their families all over North America and the services offered include phone services, video communications, email, and text messaging.

Various payment plans are offered from pre-payment, a bill as you go plan to the families of inmates, collect calls, and other forms that are convenient and easy to handle for all parties.

Recently, Securus threw out a challenge to its closest competitor, GTL, to have a contest and to have an independent party judge which company had the most satisfactory service to its customers. GTL had been making claims that their services were superior to that of Securus and had also been attempting to mimic some of the services that are offered by Securus. When a rival company spins the facts and makes claims that are far from the truth, you cannot just sit back and let falsehoods continue to be claimed.

Securus feels that in all areas it will be difficult for GTL to measure up to the more modern and efficient infrastructure that will become very apparent immediately by anyone who discovers the superiority that Securus has in its technology and customer service.

Securus has the largest VOIP Corrections calling system in the world, and the newest innovations in software have allowed a seamless delivery system to inmates all over North America and at lower costs that GTL has ever been able to do. In recent surveys conducted by Securus, customers who were formerly with GTL and have switched to Securus, they prefer Securus by a 3 to 1 margin.

As things have turned out, GTL has politely declined to take the challenge, and rightly so, as it was obvious from the start that they were out of their league and could not measure up. Securus is the company of choice for correctional communications between inmates and families.

Understanding NBA Betting Changes

The NBA is the fastest moving sport in the world with 82 game seasons and back to back contests happening all of the time. News travels fast, players get traded, and coaches get fired in the blink of an eye. With all of this action happening there is a lot of room to make some money in the NBA betting world. The key to winning in the NBA gambling universe is to stay abreast of the information that is always changing by tracking some of the best websites around – for example.

Betting on the NBA requires you to be up to date on information as it drops. This means that you need to turn to the internet in order to rack up some serious money. Not only will you want to be paying attention basketball odds on, but you’ll also be wanting to pay attention to fast moving social media. Websites like Twitter, where team officials and beat reporters drop info, are the best places to stay up to date. Coaches are notorious for waiting until the last minute to take a player out of their line up, sometimes even announcing it after the line ups lock for most gambling websites. You can tell how this would be frustrating, right?

The biggest reason that the NBA is tough to bet on is how much can change in the blink of an eye. Take a game between the Brooklyn Nets and the Cleveland Cavaliers as an example. If Brooklyn decides to rest their only star player, Brook Lopez, the game will turn into a potential blowout. A potential blowout will have Cleveland end up resting some of their star players later in the game, causing the over/under to totally go sideways. So you have to stay abreast of all the late, game breaking information because it will change in the blink of an eye.

When you decide to get into NBA betting you want to pay attention to the betting line as it is indicative of a bunch of things. First off, understanding the spread is a key component to succeeding in just about any area of gambling when it comes to sports. The spread shows how much a team is favored to beat its opponent and it is going to be always changing up until the game actually starts. Look through ATS (against the spread) history in order to use the info to your advantage.